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Development & Project Management

Pre-Construction Phase

blue-fill-boxSchedule, cost, quality, and communication control are our focus throughout our projects beginning at the earliest stages. Time is money and there is none of either to waste. Time delays are the biggest contributor to increased cost on construction projects. Successful projects begin controlling time from the outset, long before the project scope is fully defined. One of our first efforts is to develop a conceptual master schedule in concert with a conceptual budget estimate. Throughout schematic design, design development, and the construction document phases, our construction managers work closely with the owner’s project team to refine the project schedule and budget in more detail as the scope of the project is further refined.

Construction Phase

blue-fill-boxScheduling, coordination, quality assurance, issue resolution, and budget control are our focus upon commencement of construction. When you contract for construction you want to know that you and your staff will be kept well-informed and involved in critical decision-making. We allow you to focus on your core responsibilities, while we handle the complex coordination of your construction project. We hold regularly scheduled coordination/progress meetings with the contractors, owner representatives, and other involved parties to review project status, plan and coordinate future activities, and resolve critical issues.

Post Construction Phase

blue-fill-boxAt Blue Square Construction, the quality assurance process does not end when we finish construction. Our construction team remains on board to complete project documentation, determine project acceptance, document transfer, and deliver operations and maintenance training. In addition, our construction team meets with the design team and the owner to review the overall project performance and assure your satisfaction. Inspections are done by our team one year from the project acceptance date to ensure owner satisfaction with the work and identify warranty items requiring our attention.